About Us

Al Arafa El Attar Group food and cosmetics industry

Our story began in 1968 with the establishment of the "Arafa El Attar Association" in the heart of one of the ancient places in Cairo, AlAzhar. Dedication, hard work, and punctuality have always been our guiding principles, leading to our well-known reputation in the field of spices, herbs, nuts, coffee, and various agricultural products over the years.

In 1968, Arafa, the visionary founder, opened the first store in Azhar. As the years passed, the company evolved from simple retailing to encompass wholesale and the importation of the highest quality spices, herbs, and raw nuts to the largest roasteries in Egypt.

The company's continuous growth and experience have positioned it as a leader and formidable competitor in the global import and export of agricultural products. 

Over the past seven years, the company has introduced a new concept to the Egyptian market – "Haj Arafa" stores, located in different areas in Cairo, Alexandria, and other governorates across Egypt. These "natural boutique" stores curate products made entirely from 100% natural ingredients, including raw and roasted nuts, spices, legumes, coffee, natural cosmetics, honey, oil, incenses, and other natural items.

Haj Arafa continues to expand its presence, reaching markets and meeting the needs of quality connoisseurs who appreciate every crunch, scent, and taste. Today, we proudly declare ourselves as one of the leaders in the world of international trade.